• Honkawa Elementary School Peace Museum

Honkawa Elementary School Peace Museum

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Built in July 1928, the former Honkawa National Elementary School was the first reinforced concrete school building in all of Hiroshima. The modern, three-story building came equipped with a basement, and it was so novel that it was featured in the local paper.

The building was the closest school to the hypocenter, at a distance of only 410 meters. The reinforced concrete walls and the basement were the only things that managed to survive the blast on August 6.

The basement and part of the original hibaku school building were preserved as a testament to the destructive power of nuclear weapons, and in May 1988, these became the Honkawa Elementary School Peace Museum.


Honkawa Elementary School Peace Museum

  • Address
    1-5-39 Honkawa-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City
  • Tel
  • Time
    9:00 am to 5:00 pm (visitors must buzz in through the intercom at the front gate)
  • Access
    Streetcar: take the 2 or 6 streetcar line (bound for Miyajima-guchi (宮島口) and Eba (江波), respectively) and get off at Honkawa-cho (本川町); it's a 2 minute walk from there.
  • Fee
    Admission is free.
  • Distance from the hypocenter
  • MAP
    Tap the name of the facility on Google Map and tap "View on Google Maps" to launch the application.

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