Hiroshima University Former Faculty of Science Building I

  • From hypocenter 1,420m
  • Three-story reinforced concrete building


Hiroshima University’s former Faculty of Science Building No.1 was completed in 1931 as the main building of Hiroshima University of Literature and Science, which later became Hiroshima University.
At the time of completion, it was a three-story U-shaped reinforced concrete building; however in 1933, the central part of the building was added, and it came to resemble the letter “E”

Around 1931 , Courtesy of Hiroshima Municipal Archives)

Inside the entrance around 1931 , Courtesy of Hiroshima Municipal Archives

Damage caused by the atomic bombing

Only the outer shell of the building remained after the bombing since its interior was completely gutted by fire. At the time of the bombing, most students had been mobilized, so not many were on campus. However, some science students and South Asian exchange students fell victim to the bombing.

Courtesy of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

Resumption of classes

Lectures resumed in the main building in September of the following year.
In May 1949, it was integrated into Hiroshima University through reforms of the education system, and the main building was used as the Faculty of Science Building No.1

Closure of the building

Since around 1985, the building had been in a state of disrepair with tiles falling off its walls which was dealt with by protective netting and signs stating ‘Watch your head’. In September 1991, Hiroshima University’s Faculty of Science moved to the Higashihiroshima Campus in Higashihiroshima City, bringing its function as a university building to an end.

Conservation efforts

The former Faculty of Science Building No.1 and its grounds were acquired by the City of Hiroshima in April 2013, and conservation and utilization measures are currently under consideration.

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