Show us what peace means to you!

Show us what peace means to you!

Have you ever thought about what peace means to you?
Peace is more than an abstract concept: share your moments of peace with the "Finding My #Peace Photo Contest!"

We’re looking for Instagram photos that capture two peace-related themes. We hope that you’ll find insights into peace in photos you’ve taken during trips to Hiroshima and in your everyday life. Look around you and you might be surprised by how many chances there are to consider peace and what it means to you!

Theme 1: #MyPeacefulPlace in Hiroshima

  • Photos of places in Hiroshima that make you feel peaceful or think about peace

Post photos of places around the Hiroshima Regional Urban Area* that encourage you to consider and think about peace using the hashtag #MyPeacefulPlace !

There are many peaceful scenes, buildings, and places in the Hiroshima Regional Urban Area. Especially in Hiroshima City, there are scenes that remind us of the recovery of the city from the atomic bombing, and buildings that convey the absolute destruction caused by the bombing. In fact, you can find many of these places, as well as walking routes that will take you there, using the Hiroshima Peace Tourism website.

For information about self-guided walking tours from Peace Tourism, click here.

*The Hiroshima Regional Urban Area is made up of 25 cities and towns within a 60-meter radius from central Hiroshima City. They include:

  • Hiroshima Prefecture: Hiroshima City, Kure City, Takehara City, Miyoshi City, Ōtake City, Higashi-Hiroshima City, Hatsukaichi City, Aki-Takata City, Etajima City, Fuchū, Kaita, Kumano, Saka, Aki-Ōta, Kita-Hiroshima, Ōzaki-Kamijima, Sera
  • Yamaguchi Prefecture: Iwakuni City, Yanai City, Suo-Ōshima, Waki, Kami-no-Seki, Tabuse, Hirao

Theme 2: #MyPeacefulLife

  • Photos of peaceful moments in everyday life

Post photos of your own personal peace using the hashtag #MyPeacefulLife!

There are moments of peace that sometimes pass you by without you even noticing, like the peaceful comfort of being with your family, the feeling of peace at a table full of delicious food, the peaceful relaxation of being with friends, and sentiments of peace that move the spirit in everyday scenery.

Capture these moments and tag them with the hashtag #MyPeacefulLife!

Entry Period

Friday, August 6 - Sunday, October 10, 2021

The entry period had ended. Thank you for all of your submissions!


24 contest winners will receive fabulous prizes!
(12 winners from each theme)

Gold Prize (1 Winner)

Hiroshima Regional Urban Area Travel and Hotel Gift Certificate (worth 100,000 yen)

Includes a gift certificate for hotel accommodations for two (one night stay, includes two meals/worth 50,000 yen) at the ANA Crown Plaza Hotel Hiroshima with an A5 Wagyu Steak Dinner Course at Teppanyaki Dining Atago in the hotel.

Note: period of stay is limited to December 1, 2021-March 3, 2022 (excluding the winter holiday period (12/23-25) and New Years (12/31-1/5))

Silver Prize (1 Winner from Each Theme)

Hiroshima Regional Urban Area Travel Gift Certificate (worth 30,000 yen)

Bronze Award (10 Winners from Each Theme)

Hiroshima Regional Urban Area Snack Selection (worth 3,000 yen)

Note: contents subject to change.

Special Prize

Winners will be given a 2022 Calendar featuring all 24 winning entries.
We hope it will remind you to think about peace and to plan your next getaway to Hiroshima!

Entry Guidelines

Please enter the "Finding My #Peace Photo Contest" upon reading and agreeing to the following. Entering the contest assumes that you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Entry Period

Friday, August 6 - Sunday, October 10, 2021

The entry period had ended. Thank you for all of your submissions!

Contest Results

Results will be announced on this page (scheduled for November 2021).


Judges include Hiroshima City Municipal Government (contest organizer), the photo contest office, and photographer Shiroyama Takahiro.

Entry Criteria

  • Entrant must live in Japan (prizes will be mailed to Japanese addresses only).
  • Entrant must have an Instagram account.
  • Anyone is free to enter, regardless of age, gender, nationality, and whether they are a professional or amateur photographer.
  • Entrants less than 18 years of age must have permission from a parent/guardian to enter. Entry by those less than 18 years of age will be deemed to have received the appropriate permission.
  • Only photos which have been taken by the entrant may be entered.
  • Only one photo per post. Entrants may post as many times as they like.
  • To enter, follow the official Hiroshima Peace Tourism Instagram account (@hiroshima_peace_tourism) and post a photo with the hashtag #hpt2021 AND one of the theme hashtags (#MyPeacefulPlace or #MyPeacefulLife).
  • The winning photos will be used on the Peace Tourism website and other promotional materials. As such, when winners are contacted, they will be asked to submit the original photo data.

Photo Specs

  • Photo must be image data captured by any device capable of taking still images (smartphone, digital camera, etc).
  • You may submit photos that have been edited using camera apps, editing apps, editing software, etc.
  • Photos may be monotone or color.
  • The color space used for judging will be sRGB.
  • All rights to the finished photo, including post-processing such as retouches and image editing, belong to the entrant.

Contest Process

  1. Follow the official Hiroshima Peace Tourism Instagram account (@hiroshima_peace_tourism).
  2. Post a photo you've taken to Instagram using the relevant hashtags.
  3. The contest office will send a message to the winners via Instagram DM in late October. All notified winners must submit the necessary information (name, address, contact information, etc) to the contest office within the specified deadline. Winners will also have to send the original data for the photo to the contest office. In addition to posting the photo on the Peace Tourism, we will also use them for digital signage and television broadcasts.
    • Note 1: Those who cannot send us the original data for the photo posted on Instagram may be disqualified, as we will be unable to determine if the winner took the photo themselves.
    • Note 2: Those who do not contact the contest office within the specified deadline may be disqualified.
  4. Prizes will be sent in mid-November. The winning photos will be announced and displayed on this site, broadcast on street displays in downtown Hiroshima City, broadcast on RCC TV, and displayed on the RCC official app.

Regarding Personal Information

Any personal information gained from the entrants will only be used to the extent necessary for the contest.

Please note that we will not disclose or provide entrants' personal information to third parties (other than companies to which we have outsourced duties to) without entrant permission.

Note: Excluding legal requests to disclose information.

Please Note the Following

Regarding Entry

  • Photos to be entered are not limited to those that have not been presented before; however, for photos which are currently entered in (or planned to be entered in) other contests, or photos which have won other contests, please be sure to check the entry guidelines for those contests before submitting your photo.
  • Any communications fees incurred during entry into the contest shall be borne by the entrant.
  • We will not inform you that we have received your submission; we ask for your understanding in this matter.
  • Submissions may be used for websites operated by the organizer (websites, social media, etc), leaflets, posters, signboards, events, PR materials for related organizations, etc. Submissions (including winning submissions) may be edited if needed by the organizer.
  • Please do not submit photos which incur portrait rights, or be sure to gain the approval of anyone in the photos first. Should a motion of objection or claim of copyright infringement or compensation of damages be brought to the organizer, the organizer claims no responsibility; it will be up to the entrant to handle the matter.
  • Please do not submit entries that fall under the following. In addition, should the contest office deem that an entry falls under any of the following, the entry shall be deemed ineligible for judgement.
    1. Entries which violate the law or are defamatory/slander others.
    2. Entries which break the law in any way (photos of crime, anything that could result in civil liability), or entries which encourage crime.
    3. Any and all commercial entries which promote the sales of products or services.
    4. Entries which, in the course of creating, brought harm to or manipulated any animal.
    5. Entries which violate the copyrights, trademarks, or contract rights of a third party (whether private or corporate) or violate any intellectual property rights, or violate the privacy or name-recognition rights of any person.
    6. Entries which do not follow entry guidelines.
    7. Entries which do not follow the theme of this contest.
    8. Other entries which the contest office deems inappropriate
  • Please do not put any personal information in the caption section.
  • While it does not matter whether you put a caption on your entry (excluding the necessary hashtags), if you are submitting an entry for #MyPeacefulPlace, please include the name of the city or town in which the photo was taken or the name of the place in the caption.
  • If you live abroad, you can only enter if you have an address in Japan to which we can send the prizes.

Regarding Copyrights for Submitted Photos

  • Regarding submitted photos, entrant agrees to allow the usage of submitted photos free of charge and without limits in printed materials, websites, advertisements (etc) from the City of Hiroshima in Japan and outside of Japan in accordance to copyright law; entrant also agrees not to exercise their author’s moral rights.
  • Submitted photos may be edited in part or in their entirety.
  • Submitted photos may be widely used by the organizer for the purpose of tourism promotion.
  • We will not be in contact should your photo be used; we ask for your understanding in this matter.

Regarding Prizes

  • Should we be unable to determine whether the entrant took the submitted photo, they will be disqualified from receiving prizes.
  • Winning multiple prizes (i.e., two or more photos from the same entrant winning prizes) will not be allowed in this contest.
  • Should the address of the entrant be unclear or if we cannot notify them, they will be disqualified from receiving prizes.
  • Winning entries for Theme 1: #MyPeacefulPlace must be from places in the Hiroshima Regional Urban Area.
  • Questions and requests regarding the judging process will not be accepted.
  • The rights to prizes cannot be transferred to others or redeemed for cash.

Regarding Instagram

  • This contest is organized by the City of Hiroshima; Instagram cannot engage with or support entrants in any way, nor are they involved in the contest.
  • If you do not have an Instagram account, please download the app before submitting your photo.
  • Inquiries regarding how to post on Instagram should be directed to Instagram.
  • When posting a photo, you must adhere to the Instagram users agreement. Should you violate the users agreement (assume the identity of someone else, posting content across multiple accounts, etc), your entries or selection as a winner may be revoked without prior notification from the organizer.
  • If you are posting from a private account, the organizer will not be able to view your posts and therefore, your entries cannot be judged.
  • The organizer takes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages incurred as a result of hiatus or cancellation of Facebook/Instagram or this photo contest.

Other Considerations

  • The contents of this contest may change depending on the circumstances.
  • When taking photos, be sure to take safety and COVID-19 infection prevention measures into consideration. Do NOT engage in dangerous behavior or trespass on private property or facilities outside of their hours of operation. Any submitted photos thought to have been taken under these circumstances will be disqualified. The organizer takes no responsibility whatsoever for accidents or issues caused by taking photos for the contest.


Organized by the City of Hiroshima

Photo Contest Office for the Finding My #Peace Photo Contest
Hiroshima Peace Tourism

Tel: 082-222-1160
Hours: 10 am to 5:30 pm (weekdays)